Stick-on Anywhere LED Cabinet Light

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Shenzhen Light Feel Optoelectronics Co, Ltd, a company who is  located in South East China - Shiyan Town, Shenzhen City. We are focus on various LED lighting products: outdoor , indoor, decorative LED lighting products. Including: Researching, Producing and Selling directly.
Our company was established in 2008, and our facility was located in Lehuahang Industrial Park, which is is Shiyan, Shenzhen. With over 2600sqm of modern workshops and offices. There are about 50 employees. Which including 5 experienced engineers. Talent, innovation and service are our biggest advantages.

With the 8 years of development, we are celebrating the sales grew by 50% every year then. In 2016, we are proud to achieve RMB 20 Million as annual sales.
Our Product
1. Submersible lights
2. MD 5050 LED Strip Lights
3. USB LED Strip
4. 3528 led strip light
5. 2835 led strip light
6. Copper wire string light
7. USB cable string light
8. Solar copper wire string light
9. Battery string light
10. ST40 String Light
11. G40 String Light
12. S14 String Light
13. Motion Sensor Light
No matter the products or our management, we are take serious of it. For management, our factory is approved by ISO9001. For products quality, our products are approved CE, ROHS in TUV. UL, etc. It is our great honor to popularize our products throughout the world.
Our Goal:“Be bigger, be stronger, be delicate, be professional”. With this ambition goal, it drivers every member of Light Feel to keep going. To provide our clients best quality and best reliable LED lighting products, as always.
OEM SERVICE: We welcome to design and produce products for our clients. As long as our clients provide us design idea, package design, and any other details for the products. The package can be with client’s trademark, and our quality can be designed with full requirement of our clients. During the whole process, we are pleased to with any details for design & production with our clients.
Benefits of our client in this way:
1.Reliable quality
2.100% original clients brand in each product
3.Help our client to expand their local market
4. To help client to gain commercial interest quickly.
ODM SERVICE: Client chooses our standard products, which there is no need to change its function, or make only tiny change for its appearance or function. Which in this condition, we still can provide the package with client’s brand. And finish the production in time.
Benefit of our client in this way:
1.Improve the quality or appearance, which is more suitable for local market of our clients.
2.Expand the client’s local market
3.Expand the product diversity in client’s local market
1.Strengthen the brand influence of our clients, and To help client to gain commercial interest quickly.
Make full use of our RD resource and good production environment, to design and produce the product which our client needs.
Benefit of our client in this way:
2.To provide the exact product which client need in shortest time
3.To provide the totally new product for client, which let client to lead his/her local market.
4.To help client to gain commercial interest quickly.
As we have very flexible policy to support our clients. No only for the product itself, but also for our service. Our goal is try our best to provide our clients with best quality product, and best humanized service!Stick-on Anywhere LED Cabinet Light

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