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Football Synthetic Turf Carpet
SKYROAD turf is specially designed for football/soccer field, if you want to construct a high performance sports field and keep your budget balance, this is your best choice.
●  Safety performance
●  Easy maintenance
●  High Utilization
●  Similar to natural grass and can be used for every season
●  Cost-effective & Eco-friendly
Product Specifications
 Model  TL-D-50
 Grass Texture  PE
 Backing  PP+Non-woven cloth, Grid, Sbr latex
 Turfing Gauge  3/4 inch
 Roll Size  4x25m or 2x25m
 Pile Height  50 mm
 Dtex  7500
 Density  10500 Stitches/m2
 Color  Olive green
 Warranty  6-8 years
Q: Can you send a grass sample for reference?
A: If we have grass sample in stock, we are honored to send you grass sample for close inspection.
Q: What kind of file request to do a logo mat?
A: Image-files: JPG ,TIF,PSD or EPS; BMP. PCX, scanned images(at least 300DPI, bright,minimum 10*15cm)
Q: Can I get a discount on my interesting grass?
A: Yes, if you order more than 2000sqm artificial grass at once. We will give you a discount.China Artificial Grass For Sports factory

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