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Product Introduction of 50 Foot Flagpole
The stainless steel cone-shaped flagpole is made of high-quality stainless steel 201, 304, 316. The main pole has no joints, no steps, taper rises, no straight ropes outside the spectacular poles, and the shaft is clear and smooth. The main accessories finial ball, hanging pole,internal halyard device and the hand crank are also made of stainless steel and can be used for a long time.
Product Specification of the 50 Foot Flagpole
HeightTop ODBottom ODMaterial
(stainless steel)Thickness
(mm)Base plate
Part size

What is the Features of our 50 Foot Flagpole?
1. 360 Degree rotating device:The flag can be rotated 360 degrees downwind.
2. Variety of function: Internal and external halyard system, electric,wind driven.
3. Premium raw material: High grade stainless steel
4. Under engineer’s professional calculation:Resist wind speed up to 120km/h
The Picture of the 50 Foot Flagpole
What is the Packing, Payment Terms and Advantages of our 50 Foot Flagpole?
Details of the Packing
1.Using thin-film material as the first layer of packing.
2.Using fiber material as the second layer of packing.
3.Using carton & wooden case to pack accessories of Light pole.
4.According to the needs of the customer.
Details of the Payment Terms
1.Payment: T/T, Western Union.40% deposits,60% balance before delivery, customer’s request.
2.MOQ: ≥1 set/sets
Advantage of our Company
1. High product and service quality.
2. Good after-sale service offered, free replacement parts to achieve life-long services.
3. We supply light poles for business in Alibaba and Made in china all year round, and the quality of our light poles has been recognized internationally.
4. Well-trained and experienced staffs answer all your inquiries professional.

What is the Application of Our Flagpole?
Q:  Can you accept the customized design?
A:  Yes, the customized design is acceptable.
Q:  What is the production height of the lamp post?
A:  lamp post production height is 4-12 meters
Q: Why more and more people choose electric flagpoles?
A:The electric flagpole is convenient for manpower, and can be raised and lowered by multiple flagpoles. The electric flagpole is made of stainless steel wire rope, which is hidden inside the flagpole. It is durable, and the electric device is small in size and low in noise.
Q:  Why do we choose tapered flagpoles?
A: ①Durability  ②Aesthetic ③ Practicality
Our Company Strength
Our company can provide better services for our customers. This is our long-standing commitment to building world-renowned brands and providing first-class services. We believe that we can create a better future.Flag Pole for sale

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