Sight Glass China

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Product nameCross sight glass
1)MaterialSS304/SS316L 1.4404/1.4301
2)Size1/2"-12" DN10-DN300
3)CertificateISO9001: 2000
4)Connection EndsClamp / weld / thread/ weld thread
5)Suitable mediumDairy, food, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic, Chemical, etc
6) Availably Standard3A/DIN/SMS/RJT/ISO/IDF
7) Inner /Outer  surfaceRa 0.8um-0.5um  320/240 grit  polishing
Any interest you, pls contact with us freely, looking forward to our coopetation!
We can provide free samples, and, we have report for each samples, you can check our quality very well before place officialorder.
Why choose us?
1. We have more than100employees,5+ years employees around 80%.
2.We have the most sophisticated modern production equipment, with high-end market can fully meet the current demand for production equipment CNC machine
3. LOGO print machine, our goods can print customer LOGO
4.Finished Goods warehouse
5. Packing shop
The entire valve assembly testing
100% inspection in accordace with the detection of single valve seal test
Testing seal test
Testing standards is carried out in accordace with DIN EN 12266-1
100% of the valves are sealed after installation test
The detection of surface fish
100% visual inspection
Surface finish cytomertySight Glass China

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