5 Gallon Plastic Container For Lubricant manufacturers

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Our History
Yixing Feihong Steel Packaging Co.,Ltd established from 2005 and with over 13 years developing in pail industrial,we have accumulated good experience and clients from different walks like paints,adhesive,solvent,bitumen,chemicals,engine oil, motor oil.We can make 0.1-20L tin pails and 5-20L palstic pail to meet these clients.
Also we can customized some speical pails for coffee bean and palm oil,sunflower seed oil base on our current pails and customers’design.And we can make moulds for OEM plastic products.
Our factory occupies 1.5 acres for plastic pails Since we started our international business,now we can export 3 million USD stablely for one year occupy about 20% of our turnover.We have the certificate of ISO and UN approved certificate.We are awarded as one of excellent pail making companies in Jiangsu province by goverment.
Our Factory
Our factory has more than 12 years pail making history,occupies 1.5 acres and has 30 staffs who are very skilled at two tin pail lines which including whole system of tin container making system,Tin sheet split system,lid and bottom press shop and printing working shop with these we can complete 0.1-20L tin container making.And we aslo have 8 plastic injection machines for 5-20L plastic pails.
Our Product
Steel pail 10-20L, tin cans 0.1-5L. plastic pail 4-20L
Product Application
paints,adhesive,solvent,bitumen,engine oil, motor oil, chemicals,palm oil,sunflower seed oil,coffee bean.
Our Certificate
UN certificate,ISO certificate,lever lock ring lid patent
Production Equipment
Press machine,weld machine,expansion machine,seal machine,steel sheet split machine,leak inspection machine,plastic injection machine
Production Market
Our steel containers are widely sold to USA,Canada, Ecuador,Argentina,Cile,Honduras,Saudi Arabic,Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia and so on
Our service
We can give arruate quotation about the price and quantity in containers and suggest some essential parameters of the pail needed according application.using the best package for pails and cans in case any damage.Our delivery time is always in time as our contract says,and we’ll choose cost efficent way for shipping. 5 Gallon Plastic Container For Lubricant manufacturers

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