One Piece Ostomy Bag in stock

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Ostomy bag is used to collect the feces for patients with ileum, rectum, colon operations. The patient will rely on these for the rest of their lives after undergoing the operation.
Product Name: One Piece Pediatric Velcro Type Ostomy Bag
Capacity: 230ml
Film thickness: 0.076mm
Cut: 15-35mm
Lining Material: Non-woven
Bag material: EVOH
Color: Transparent
Package: 30pcs/box, 10 boxes/carton
Package size: 32.5cm x 22.5cm x30.5cm
Product introduction:
1.Thy hydrocolloid classis which has many features, including rarely warping, soft and comfortable, avoiding maceration, low allergy. It is convenient to use and has long sticking ability 3-7days.
2.The material of ostomy bag possesses high obstructing ability of odor. It is soft,
safe, Non-toxic and odorless.
3.Activated carbon filter which can eliminate peculiar smell, good filtration.
4.If the hydrocolloid chassis paste firmly, it is economical and practical to wash the bag to extend the days.
1. Q: Are you trade company or manufacture?
A: We are manufacturer in Nanjing, welcome to visit us.
2. Q: How can I get some samples?
A: We will be glad to offer you free samples.
3. Q: what's the certification do you get?
A: CE and ISO13485 quality system.One Piece Ostomy Bag in stock

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