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IMIKIA is one of ride on toy manufacturers in China, which specializing in manufacturing and marketing of Battery Powered Ride-On, Remote Control Ride on Vehicle, Electric Ride-On cars and Pedal Go-Karts..
IMIKIA Focus on kids ride on toys for more than 10+ years with CE, ASTM F963, EN71-1-2-3, EN62115 etc., enjoy high reputation from our customers all over the world.We provide high quality products and VIP service.
IMIKIA have a well team-conscious, the ability of communication and coordination, work hard, meticulous and patience can afford the pressure of the work. We are young, passionate, fun, experienced, helpful, when doing business with us, there is nothing you cannot rest assured.
Currently we have major customers from all over the world, especially from Europe and United States. Provide cost efficient yet quality products for our customers, assisting them to gain competitive advantages are our major focus.
We currently have 4 main products, Licensed ride on car, Remote Control Ride on Vehicle, Kids ride on motorcycle, Pedal Go-Karts. Our products comes with CE, ASTM F963, EN71-1-2-3, EN62115 certifications etc. Our products had been exported to the countries all over the world and especially in America, European countries and enjoy high reputation from our customers.
We have QC technicians conducting piece-by-piece double testing on finished products. All products will be tested more than 24 hours before shipment. Four inspection stages occur during production and a final product testing process is a prerequisite prior to packing ensuring a defective product percentage as low as 0.1%.Latest New Arrival Ride On

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