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ZY-1212 decorative mid-frequency magnetron vacuum coating machine is mainly used for depositing metal film, semiconductor film, insulating film, hard film, heat resistant film, corrosion-resistant film, superconducting film, magnetic film, optical film and other special film on the substrate. It has advantages of both ion plating and magnetron sputtering, and the coating layer is very smooth with uniform color, good brightness and strong adhesion. So, ZY-1212 decorative mid-frequency magnetron vacuum coating machine is very suitable for depositing high quality decorative film on watch straps and dials.
In recent years, the mid-frequency magnetron sputtering coating technology has gradually become the mainstream of sputtering film coating technology, the significant characters of it are overcoming the phenomenon of anode disappear, weakening or eliminating the abnormal discharge of target, which is superior to DC magnetron sputtering coating. Also, it can effectively increase the process stability of the sputtering process as well as the deposition rate of the dielectric film. ZY-1212 decorative mid-frequency magnetron vacuum coating machine integrates vacuum technology, mid-frequency magnetron sputtering technology, film technology and other technologies, and adopts fully automatic control mode to ensure simple and reliable operation, high productivity, great efficiency,  and stable performance. The machine can deposit IP black, rose gold, IP gold, sapphire blue, champagne gold, dazzling silver, coffee color, colorful, gun black, zirconium gold, rose red and other various colors coating layers.

With beautiful appearance, compact structure and diversified performance, ZY-1212 decorative mid-frequency magnetron vacuum coating machine is widely used in home appliances, watches and clocks, electrical appliances, cell phone keypad, instrumentation, decoration, jewelry and other fields.

● Good controllability of film thickness and repeatability. The coating layer can easily achieve designed thickness. And it can deposit uniform film on the large surface.
● Strong adhesion between substrate and the film.
● ZY-1212 can deposit films of special materials, as well as mixed films and composite films.
● The electric control system can be controlled manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatic. and the machine can run various process with high reliability.
Vacuum Chamberφ1200 × H1200Effective Coating
Spaceφ850 × H900
Voltage/Hz380V/50HzActual Power90KW
Max Diameter of Work-Piece × Qualityφ150 × 11PCSStandard Configuration12 Arc Source + 4 Pairs Mid-Frequency
TechnologyMid-Frequency + ARC;
Planar Targets
+ Ion Source (Optional)Target8 Mid-Frequency Magnetron Cylindrical Targets / 6 Arc Targets
Ultimate Pressure5.0×10-4 PaLeak Rate<10-3Pa.L/s
Pump Down Time(from atm. to 4X10-3 Pa) ≤20 minsOccupation SpaceL3300×W2900×H2500MM
Work-Piece TurntableLower Frame StructureVacuum Chamber StructureVertical Single Open
Power SourceDC Inverter Power Source, Pulse-Bias Power Supply, Mid-Frequency Magnetron Power Supply, DC Magnetron Power SupplyVacuum SystemMolecular Pump, Roots Pump, Rotary Vane Pump
Coating Cycle0.5~2 Hours/FurnaceWorking GasAr, N2, O2, C2H2, etc
Output/FurnaceMilling Cutter  φ10×70    680
Blade           φ18×6     5000
Hobbing Cutter  φ80×80    48
Mould            500KGNecessary ConditionsCirculating Water
Compressed Air:4-6KG/CM3
Operationl ModeManual + Semi-Auto
+ Full-Automatic/Torch Screen + PLCApplicationDecorative PVD Plating
RemarksThe Furnace, Outlook and Other Parameters Can be Customized According to Your Requirement
Characters of Decorative Coatings
IP Series
ColorGoldChampagneBrownRosySapphireChromium WhiteSilver GrayGun BlackUltra Black
Salt fog Test> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H> 48H

DH Series
Hardness(HV)Thickness(µm)Abrasion Test Salt Fog TestColor
800~10000.8~2.5>1000 times>48HDecorative Coating color

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