wholesale Outdoor Sports inflatable archery hoverball

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Guang Zhou Qi Ling Inflatable Toys Co., Ltd established in 2000 of which previous name was Tian Tian Inflatables Manufacturing(Guangzhou),Based on the global manufacturing city - Guangzhou City, specializes in inflatables design and manufacture. We have formed our unique ways of making these products during the years’experience. Because we employ more than skilled 3D computer technicians as well as graphic designers and pattern makers, Qi Ling Inflatable Toys Co do our best to make the joints of the products pliable and perfect. We demand the bearing parts of products to be oversewn much strongly. Our customers are so glad to build up business cooperation with us because Qi Ling of good material, scrupulous working and the characteristic which have formed in making products.
Qi Ling main products including the following:Inflatable bouncy castle, Inflatable fun city, Inflatable slide, inflatable castle, Inflatable paintball bunker, Inflatable sport, water games, Inflatable tunnel, inflatable combo, Inflatable model, balloon  blimp, Inflatable tent, inflatable obstacle,air dancer,christmas product.
Qi Ling Inflatable Toys Co contribute to developing new inflatable toys of all kind of special water games such as disco boat,water walking ball, zorb ball, blast off, inflatable Exhibition holder, plunge slide, water toboggan, inflatable revolution,inflatable boat.
Your satisfy is our best happy! in these years Qi Ling have earned a reputation for quality and service in the world market, especially in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Welcome the worldwide agencies to enlarge our business and develope inflatable products together.wholesale Outdoor Sports inflatable archery hoverball

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