China Square Cake Fireworks

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138 balls square cake fireworks
Item No.WT61138
Item Name138 shots cake fireworks
Tube Size (MM)20*25*125
Cubic Metre (Case)0.022
weight (kg)11.0
Hazard Class1.4G UN0336 Consumer Fireworks
Quality:CIQ TEST, ISO9001:2000
Effectcrown, dahlia, willow, chrysanthemum, willow, titanian, stars, glittering, chry, peony, willow, falling leaves, silver fish, time rain, brocade crown, flosswillow etc.
MaterialPaper Tube
CertificationEX No. & CE Approved
OccasionChristmas, New Year, Weddings, Parties, Halloween, Easter, Promotions, Religion Events, Sports Events, other  celebrations, etc.
1. We will reply you within 24 hours. We high appreciate your any inquiry by email, fax, tradeManager, skype or telephone.
2. Technical proposal will be offered by our engineer according to your information.
3. Sample service will be provided.  Welcome to visit our factory in Liuyang, and we will arrange the samples for you at night, so you can check our effect and quality.
4. After sales service will be offered within warranty period.
5. Please never hesitate to contact us at any time if there are any questions.

Product Advantages:
1.Superior quality and fashion design
2.Professional technical workgroups
3.Ensure security and competitive price
4.Credit standing with correct and timely consignment
5.Professional manufacturing factories in Liuyang
Q:Can I buy several for sample before ordering?
A:Because fireworks & firecracker is not allowed to be shipped by air. So we are sorry that we can not ship samples. Warmly welcome to our company for sample testing and discuss cooperation details.
Q:Wholesale or Retail?
A:We are manufacturer and authorized legal fireworks & firecrackers exporter, we wholesale fireworks & firecrackers.
Q:How long does it take for the production?
A:It will takes about 30 to 45 days to finish the production after receiving deposits.
Q:What is you MOQ?
A:It depends, if using our label, for most of items, more than 20 cartons is ok ,if using private label, then 100 cartons to be asked.China Square Cake Fireworks

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