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Our History
Taizhou Qixin located in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, China. At Taizhou Qixin Import & Export Co., our philosophy is simple: offer the types of high quality, customized printing products that your customers need. From scrapbooking items and note cards, to stationary and planners, our product lines are created to provide buyers with more than just merchandise, they provide an experience. Beginning with concept development and prototyping, we work closely with national retailers and global distributors to customize printing products for their clientele. This is because Qixin is about offering optimal customer support, developing long-term partnerships and encouraging a corporate culture grounded in the principles of honesty and reliability. We are the printing partner you need to help your business grow.
Our Factory
The factory is established in 1998. Located in a beautiful scenic area- Tiantai Mountain(Taizhou city); there are over 200 employees; over 20 different machines; more than 95% for export.
Our Product
PU / Spiral journals, notebooks, planners both Bound and Sewn, Children’s books, Business card holders / Badge holders, Puzzles, List pads, Greeting cards, Stationery, and Scrapbooking paper items.
Product Application
Office, School.
Our Certificate
ISO9001, Michaels, BSCI, FSC, Disney, WCA.
Production Equipment
Cover machine, One color printing machine, Four-colors printing machine, Lamination machine, Cutting machine, UV machine, Folding machine, Binding machine, Fully Automatic Journal Making Machine.
Production Market
USA, Europealow price Just BreatheSpiral Notebook

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