Flange Gasket suppliers

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PTFE Gasket,Flat ring gasket PTFE
Outstanding chemical resistance
Non-corrosive, non-wetting, non-contaminating and odourless
Excellent electrical and thermal insulation when in virgin PTFE form
What is a Flange Gasket?
Flange gaskets are used to create a static seal between two flanges faces, at various operating conditions, with varied pressure and temperature ratings. A gaskets fills the microscopic spaces and irregularities of the flange faces, and then it forms a seal that is designed to keep liquids and gases. Correct installation of damage-free gaskets and demage-free flange faces is a requirement for a leak-free flange connection.
NON-METALLIC GASKETS, Flat ring gasket PTFE, are usually composite sheet materials are used with flat-face and raised-face flanges in low Pressure Class applications. Non-metallic gaskets are manufactured from arimid fiber, glass fiber, elastomer, Teflon /PTFE, graphite etc.. Full-face gasket types are suitable for use with flat-face flanges. Flat-ring gasket types,Flat ring gasket PTFE are suitable for use with raised face flanges.
ASME B16.21 covers types, sizes, materials, dimensions, dimensional tolerances, and markings for non-metallic flat gaskets.

Q: What about the Minimum Order Quantity?
A: The Minimum Order Quantity is 1 piece.
Q: Can you provide us with some samples for testing?
A: Of course, we can offer you samples.You only need to bear the freight and samples' charge can be negotiated.
Q: What is your advantage of your company?
A: We got very rich experience in the field to provide you high quality products and as well as very good prices. We also have flexible delivery time, that is to say if you want the cargo urgently we can help you in a very short time.Flange Gasket suppliers

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