H Type Layer Poultry Cages factory

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SHANDONG HUIMIN QINLE HUSBANDRY CO.Ltd is the earliest livestock machine supplier which has integrated the produce,development and researching and sale as a whole.Moreover,our enterprise is being the number unit of the National Livestock Association and Shandong Livestock Association with a long-term.
Our History
Our company was registered in the HUIMIN County Administration of industry and Commerce in December 23, 1997.In the 21 years of the company's development and expansion, we have always provided our customers with good products and technical support and perfect after-sales service. Our company mainly deals in production and operation of livestock and poultry breeding equipment. We provide a series of products and after-sales technical installation consulting services for users.
Our Factory
Our factory has strict rules and regulations to ensure the quality of every product.From the signing of contracts to the delivery of products, there are strict product acceptance procedures.Our goal is to produce first-class animal husbandry machinery in China.
Our Product
Egg cages,broiler cages,brooding cage,automatic chicken feeding machine,automatic egg collector machine,automatic blet manure cleaning machine,livestock and poultry manure treatment equipment,and so on
Product Application
Our cage is suitable for all sizes of chicken farms,Provide a lot of convenience for the farmer.Our livestock and poultry manure treatment equipment can be used on Chicken farm,Pig farm,sheep farm and people and livestock manure treatment bases.
Production Equipment
Our factory have large and small mesh workshop,mechanical workshop,Fully automatic rolling production line,hot galvanizing production line,electronic galvanizing production line,Enterprise environmental protection equipment and so on.
Production Market
Our products all over the country and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States Our company's turnover exceeded $30 million in 2017tes.
Our service
We have a professional salesman to answer the question for you.The production contract is supervised by our engineer.After sale is responsible for our professional installation team or send a engineer to help you.H Type Layer Poultry Cages factory

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