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WUXI YONGHONG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a professional company which producing garage door, garage door opener, roller door, roller door opener, high speed door and so on. Yonghong company was established in 2009, and headquarter is located in Wuxi City Jiangsu province China. From 2009 to today, Yonghong have more than 100 members and products has sold to more than 80 countries, most customer are located in European market, Middle east, South Africa and Australia.
Yonghong has invested a huge number of fund on technology innovation, production equipment innovation, environmental protection equipment innovation, and Yonghong was one of the first batch of garage door manufacturers who had been passed the national environmental protection inspection in 2011

Yonghong have more than 5000 square meters production department, and also have a lab center for testing the door and motor. And we also owned kinds of certificate for overseas market. Such as CE, SASO, SGS, ISO9001 etc.
Yonghong welcome customer from all over the world, we will supply customer quality products, best service and competitive price. Let us hand in hand to construct bright future.door component price

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