China RD Sampler

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China RD SamplerSHAANXI GAOTON PETROLEUM MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a dynamic and vigorous chinese supplier in the Oil & Gas, waterwell,construction, geothermy, power generation industry.
Our products cover API certificated Wellhead Equipments, Handling Tools, BOP, Rig & Accessories, Mud Pumps & Spare Parts,Cementing Equipment, Down hole Tools, OCTG,Solid Control Equipments, etc. Also, with our professional technical team, we could supply customized products, you just require, we can supply!
Superior quality, competitive price, timely service and professional technical support lead us to go further with our international customers in Russia, Venezuela,Mexico,Iran, UAE, India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Australia, Korea, US., etc.
Our advantage:
Having strict filtering system.
Having special order control system.
Having rigid quality Inspecting system.
Accepting everything in this field to be our clients.
Reasonable price, reliable quality control system and service
Our Mission:
To exceed quality expectation with the highest integrity, strive to provide excellent customer service and continue to excel within the industry.
Deep sincerity and honesty is our responsibility.If you are already here, why not try us!China RD Sampler

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