Universal Baby Car Seat

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baby car seat for 0-36kg
1. Product introduction
● For group 0+1+2+3,0-36kg.One seat for all groups.
● 3 reclining positions for backrest adjustment.
● Independent headrest for infant.
●Deep side wings with energy absorber to guarantee the baby's safety and comfort
2. Workplace
4. FAQ
Q1. When did your company started?
We established in 2008.
Q2. How is your quality control?
Our quality control steps include:
(1) confirm everything with our client before moving to sourcing and production;
(2) check all the materials to ensure they are correct;
(3) employ experienced workers and give them proper training;
(4) inspection throughout the whole production process;
(5) final inspection before loading.
Q3: Are you trade company or manufacturer?
We are manufacturer.
Q4: Where is your factory?
A: Our factory is in Taizhou, near ningbo and shanghai. Universal Baby Car Seat

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