Tin And Cans Filling Machine suppliers

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Machine Application
This product is used to vacuumize, fill with nitrogen and seam all kinds of round cans like tin cans, milk powder cans, plastic cans and paper cans. It is mainly applicable to seam packages for such products as milk powder, protein powder, dried meat, seafood, assorted vegetables, sauces and pickles in pharma-ceutical and food industries and so on. lt is a kind of ideal equipment necessary for such industries as food, milk powder and pharmacy to keep products fresh and extend the shelf life by vacuuming and nitrogen filling. The machine can be used alone or together with other filling production lines.
Technical Parameters
Production capacity6-7 cans/min
Working pressure (compressed air)≥0.6Mpa
Applicable rangeCan diameter: Φ70-Φ127mm
Can height: 70-190mm (Special specifications can be customized.)
Air consumprtion (compressed air)About 200L/min
Nitrogen source pressure≥0.2Mpa
Nitrogen consumptionAbout 50L/min
Remaining oxygen ≤3%
Voltage Power 3P 380V 50Hz 4Kw
Overall dimensions2000(L)*780(W)*1850(H)mmTin And Cans Filling Machine suppliers

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