Wire Mesh Container

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(mm)(L*W*H)Self Weight (kg)Loading Capacity
(kg)Wire Diameter
(mm)Mesh Size
(m²)Loading Quantity
TWMC-SS71200*1000*89057 1500650*1000.84175/350

Our wire mesh cages are also available with following options:
●  PP sheets, iron plates, forklift plates, wheels, mesh tops, covers
●  Electro galvanized / hot dip galvanized / painting / powder coated surface treatments
●  Custom colors, custom sizes, custom design
1. Part visibility – Allows the material handler a view of the contents
2. Stackable - Allows full use of available space and racking area (can be stacked up to 4 layers)
3. Collapsible – Designed for convenient storage and easy transport
4. Rust proof thick steel wire – Provides longer durability and are reusable
5. 100mm-high feet – Allows four-way lifted by forklift trucks
6. Drop gates – Provides easy loading and unloading

Components & Spare parts
We are the most professional warehouse equipment manufacturer in China. We have exported many containers of racking and shelving projects, metal containers, all over the world.

After Sales Service:
1. Free but expert advice & professional storage solutions satisfying specific storage needs.
2. Strict order execution: Strict quality control, sample test.
3. Quick delivery. Within 15 work days for ordinary order quantity.
4. Samples available. Wire Mesh Container

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