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Cube pleat machine
1. Cube pleat machine introduction
Chagnzhou HuaEn Garment Machinery factory offers professional Cube pleat machine for fabric, textile, leather. Our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, the owner of factory is old man who had devoted himself to this pleating machine for 20 years. The man with glass is his son who is professionally educated and in charge of production, technical and after-sale service. The son is even going abroad for machine commissioning. We are well-known locally for this pleat machine.
International business is started on our own since early of 2017, however, there were already 120 sets of pleating machines sold all over the world.
This Cube pleat machine model are ZJ-217 and ZJ-416 machine.
ZJ-217 Cube pleat machine
It produces fantasy pleats with 3 kinds of blades
ZJ-416 Cube pleat machine
It does crystal, vertical, tiny, toothpick pleat with steel belt and steel comb.
2. Two different pleating machines for fabric Technical parameters
Fantasy pleating machineCrystal pleating machine
Model: ZJ-217Model: ZJ-416
Qty.: 1 setQty.: 1 set
Free spare parts:
►ZJ-217 tool kit
►1 pc of wool felt
►1 set of wave knife
►1 set of straight knife
►1 set of bamboo leaf knifeFree spare parts:
►ZJ-416 tool kit
Main pleat pattern:
►Wavy pleat
►Bamboo pleat
►Side pleat
►Box pleat
►Combined pleatPleat pattern:
►Crystal / vertical / tiny / toothpick pleat
Max. Press width: 1700mm  
Max press speed: 20-150pleat/minute
Pleat width: 1mm-60mm; Pleat depth: 2mm-30mm
Motor power: 1.1kW
Heating power: 11kW
Size: 3200*1650*1750mm
Packing size: 3400*1750*2000mm
Net weight: 1300kgs
Gross weight: 1650kgsMax. Press width: 1600mm
Max press speed: 200m/h
Pleat height: 0.2cm-0.8cm
Motor power: 1.1kW
Heating power: 10kW
Size: 2600*1450*1600mm
Packing size: 2700*1550*1800mm
Net weight: 1000kgs
Gross weight: 1250kgs
3. Cube pleat machine application
The cube pleat is twice pleated, pls check below.
Besides, it is able to pleat side pleat, wavy pleat, pleat shape like bamboo leaf, tiny vertical pleat, crystal pleat, treebark pleat.
4. Other models we have
►ZJ-516 pleats accordion but is merely applicable for sun-ray fabric piece / panel.
►ZJ-616 pleats vertical pattern too, typical is curtain. Difference between model ZJ-516 and model ZJ-616 is fabric shape. The former is sun-ray, the latter is rectangle or square.
►ZJ-816 isn't so prevalent like the above models, it is kind of shrinking pleating. Its feature is Roller type decides pleat pattern. Please vide our product ZJ-816 machine separately.
5. Our service
►Before-sale service
›Provide the technical design and solutions;
›Free sample and pick-up at our local train station
›Other special technical service according to client's requirements.
►For-sale service
›Update production status
›Cooperate with forwarder to arrange shipment if necessary
›Assist inspection & acceptance by third party if necessary
►After-sale service
›Engineer oversea for adjustment
›Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract
›Supply accessories at any time
›Tele-technical consulting and servicesPleat Making Machine suppliers

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