Tailor-made Filter Press for sale

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Stainless steel frame filter press"
Girder, fixed pressing plate, movable pressing plate and brackets of oil cylinder will be covered by the stainless steel"

Rack is used to support the compressing mechanism, filtering mechanism, plate pulling and discharging mechanism, liquid collection and plate turning mechanism, consisting of push plate, thrust plate, head-tail plate and girder.
a) The girder is processed by 25# channel steel;
b) Fixed pressing plate, active pressing plate and support of oil cylinder are welded by Q345B steel plate, processed with tempering flaw detection and thermal deformation elimination and finishing integration, which has a high overall strength and is free of deformation;
(1) Push plate: It is used to compress filter plate, and is installed with rollers at both sides for supporting and positioning when the girder moves forward and backward.
(2) Thrust plate: It is used for pressing and position limitation of filter plate. There are feed inlet in the middle, washing holes in the upper two corners and liquid outlet channels in the lower two corners.
(3) Girder: It is a kind of guide rail for support and action of filter plate; epoxy, rigid polyvinyl chloride or stainless steel will be used for packages as required by the customers to adapt to be used at various corrosive positions.

1. Control the feed pressure, washing pressure and blowing pressure within specified range when using the filter press, or it will influence the normal use of the equipment.
2. Open the feed valve slowly when the filtration starts.Tailor-made Filter Press for sale

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