China Continuous Spring Mattress suppliers

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Product Description
Design Euro TopHeight 12 inch/30cmFirmness Soft
Size Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, Cal king, Customized
Quilting Layer Knitted Jacquard Fabric
Regular Foam
Upholstery Layer Memory Foam
Gel Memory Foam
Wave Shape Foam
Support Layer Continuous Spring  
Insulation Double Layer Non-Woven Fabric
Bottom layer White Mesh Fabric
Regular Foam
The Stucture Can be Customized
Knitted Jacquard Fabric+Regular Foam+Memory Foam+Gel Memory Foam+Wave Shape Foam+Continuous Spring+Double Layer Non-Woven Fabric+Regular Foam+White Mesh Fabric
1.Knitted Jacquard Fabric
The fabric has fine patterns, and the appearance of close and meticulous,three-dimensional sense of strong.
2.Memory Foam
It can support each part of body evenly and independently, also adapt and response slowly to body weight and temperature, providing full support, comfortable pressure relief to keep the spine upright.
3.Gel Memory Foam
The open-celled physical structure of gel memory foams is ventilating.It could control and balance the temperature, create a comfortable and cool sleep.
4.Wave Shape Foam
Unique design of egg shape promote air circulation, insulating sound.It is environmental health, non-toxic pollution-free and recyclable.
5.Continuous Spring
It is made of high-precision steel after two heat treatments, extremely flexible and economical. Take the overall non-fault structure, it can provide an appropriate, unified support.China Continuous Spring Mattress suppliers

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