china Power Battery factory

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Equipped with a professional factory, we are able to give you satisfactory good price deep cycle power battery for golf cart,tour bus and electric medical equipments, welcome to wholesale products from us.
Good price deep cycle power battery
Product description
Battery Summary:
Designed for electric vehicles, EV Series features in long cycle life and excellent big current discharge performance.
Battery Characteristics:
●Long cycle life: special paste formula design, suited for deep cycle usage.
●Excellent big current discharge performance.
●High recharge acceptance performance: special alloy formula, fast charge
●Wide temperature range: -15oC to 45oC
●High security and reliability: enhanced shell design, excellent anti-shake ability; reliable sealing, no leaking
●Maintain-free, no water addition required
Golf Car and Electric Vehicles.
                                    Solar system                                solar street light
Battery Specifications:
ItemRate Voltage (V) Rate Capacity
    (AH/10Hr) dimension(mm)Weight
LengthWidthHeightTotal Height
Our certificates:
Production workshop:
Flying Power advantages:
●Strict quality control
●Competitive price
●Shorter lead time
●High production capacity
●Automatic production machines
●Rich battery industry experience more than 20 yearschina Power Battery factory

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