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cap compression molding machine   
Product origin : Taizhou, Zhejiang
Delivery time : 45-60 Days
Supply capacity : 5-8 sets month
Email :
Technical Parameter:
Production Capacity36000 pcs/ hour
Cap Diameter22-42mm
Cap Height15-25mm
Cap MaterialPP/HDPE/LDPE
Mold Cavity No.16
Power380V/3PH/50HZ 220V/3PH/60HZ
Installation Power38kw
Air Consumption1.4h3/Hr, 1.0Mpa
Machine Dimension3500*1600*1950mm
Machine Weight5.5T

Caps without mold injection point and runner waste.
It has a complete set of computer automatic temperature control system matched with the rotation speed of extruder and die pressing machine.
Same energy consumption but 3 times productivity than cap injection production.
Machine Bottle Cap Forming Principle:
Cap compression molding machine is used to making the particles of plastic to the bottle caps of carbonated beverage and mineral water by high temperature plasticizing. When the plastic was out of the extruding machine, the blanking plate will cut the embryo and put them into the molding chamber uniformly. The bottle cap made by this type of machine without Injection gate and has excellent quality and beautiful appearance.

Comparison between cap compression machine and injection machine
Characteristics and advantages:
Cavity number2424
Output( pcs/ h)200008000
Power(kw/h)2036(with mould)
Power( kw/month)120002,1600
Power   saved/month9600kw
Cost   saved/month¥11,520.00/月(¥1.2/kw/h)
Chemical additivenoyes
Release agentnoyes
Working temperature160℃—195℃240℃—280℃
Chemical changenoyes
(gate point)noyes
Waste materialnoyes
(one person/machine)1/2-31/1
Details of the machine:
project Name    of the accessories Brand/country    of origin
Cap Compression Moulding
 Mechanical hydraulic systemOil pump United States Parker
Oil cylinder Taiwan Taida
Oil valve Japan's Yuken
Cylinder screw Zhoushan Jin Yu
   Oil pump motor Japan Datong
Extrusion machine Zhejiang SPECIAL ELECTRIC MOTOR CO.,LTD
  Hardfaced gear speed reducer   Mau group
Accumulator Austin
Automatic  feeding machine Cazenove
Electronic systemsInverter Taiwan Delta
Computer controller Taiwan Delta
   Circuit breaker Siemens
PLCTaiwan Delta
Computer touch    screen Taiwan Delta
Intermediate relay      Japan's Fuji or omron
Cooling system Water Cliiher 10HP Dongguan Cazenove
Air Cliiher 10HP
Water Cliiher 15HP
Air Cliihe 15HP
MouldMolds (core and cavity) Combination of Japanese dish and homemade
Mold plate 3Cr13
Our cooperation Partners:

Our faithful material supplier:
1.Q : Quotes for the regular and high speed 16/24/36 cav machines with folding and slitting auxiliary equipment.
A : Please check the attachment for quotation for your neck 28mm and 38mm our 24cav compression and 36cav compression machine.
2.Q : Photos or video of the changeover process for the cavities (we're considering having multiple products - 28 mm and 38 mm). How long does it take to change and setup 16/24/36 cav again? How much training one needs for this?
A : Changover process later I will send your whatsapp, and for change mould time (24cav for professional people 1hour, 36cav for professional people 1.5hour) we will training  your worker need 5-7days to master all
3.   Q: Shipment and package
A:Packed with wooden case / Delivered by sea

Company information:
Through more than 20 years' rich experience of manufacturing cap machine and continuous explorations and studies, Kaipu has become a professional supplier of cap machine and cap &preform mold, which has applied in many fields like water, drinks, beverages, medical,etc. As a farseeing strategic organization,we are capable of quick-response market change. We continually work on the customer-centered tenets of integrity, precision, and quality first, to provide the best cooperation experience to you.

Add: No.689, Qiaotouwang, Chengjiang Town, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
P.C: 318020
Tel: 0086-576-84214118
Fax: 0086-576-84219021
buy discount Cap Compression Machine

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