China Car LED Display

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· 100% LEADLEDS brand new Led car sign, Lifetime Technical Support
· MASSIVE SELECTION-Over 45 kinds moving actions, over 60 levels speed, 15 levels of brightness selectable
· POWERFUL SUPPORT SYSTEM-With great effect display multiple languages, numbers, animated letters, tabs, vectorgraph
· EASY TO SET UP AND USE-By your U-disk to program message via your PC, enjoy favorite information and personlized message
· Connect your car or any 12V-24V power, safer, easy, funny
Product description
Leadleds products are quality led signs offered at a great value. Made by Jingzhi Technology.
This unversal led sign is designed to fit DC12 power operation from:
- Car, Taxi, Cab
- Vehicle
- Solar panel, solar generator
- The places have 12v power
Program it, watch it
Less cost than tranditional sign, you can change message in any time, any place, IMPRESSIVE AFFECT.
Larger led sign for car rear window, if you want someone see your information clearly, use this led car sign.
--> It's programmable, DC12V safety voltage, with spark, flashing, static over 45 display effects to catch eyesight
--> Frame material:Integrated Aluminum alloy, safer, stronger, and easy to release heat
--> Pixel: 16x128, with 2048 high lumen leds in area 3.8" x 30" display your message, 0-70 ft. view distance
--> Communication way: USB, the cabless way. When you want to change message, just save message in your USB flash disk, then insert to the sign USB port, it will be read automatically, after 1 sec. you'll see your message on the screen.
What's in the Box:
1x led car sign message board with 9FT cable
2x Heavy duty brackets
1x CD-ROM.
Any questions please feel free to contact us.Your message will be replied within 24 hours!!China Car LED Display

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