PBOC Certificate Swipe Magnetic Card Reader China

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Company Profile
Founded in 1995, since 2001 Shenzhen Tianteng Industry Co., Ltd strived into card issuing solution for 17 years, the brand of the company TTCE is widely disseminated in the market.
As a high-tech corporation with its own factory and R&D department, TTCE always focus on card reading, writing and issuing technology, provide stable and innovative card reading and dispensing products for bank, gift card issuing, mobile system, transportation system, security access control system, parking lot, hotel self service machine and various kind of kiosks.
Our Factory
2000 square meters area for manufacturing, 5 production lines, 100 workers.
10 IPQC for incoming quality check according with the material checking standard strictly.
15 QE to make completed quality check to ensure every product qualified.
90% of the workers are working in the factory for 2 years
Our Team
The average age of the leader team is very young, with high education and experience in the market, will lead the company to a bright future.
There are 30 engineers in the team of R&D department, they are innovative and full of experience in electronics, structure design and software can provide bespoke service and complete solutions.
The staff of the company is full of passion, innovative with team-work, keen sense of market, problem solver and friend of customer.
Corporate Value:
Dedication to clients’ success, value oriented, integrity and down-to-earth, pursuit of excellence.   PBOC Certificate Swipe Magnetic Card Reader China

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