China Machine Coolant Tank

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Qianjin sheet metal company was found in 1989 by Mr. Guo-- a sheet metal engineer,  who has shaped this company into a leading sheet metal manufacturer in China. We are specialized in custom sheet metal , sheet metal design , machine enclosure. We are a full service quality-oriented manufacturing company serving over 12 countries with a wide range of sheet metal applications.
With over 20 years development, we have built two factories in China and workers from 10 people to more than 110 people in each factory. We have been designing, creating, and delivering amazing sheet metal products to our customer all over the world. As our customer, you can have the benefit of an experienced and knowledgeable team working on your project and allowing you to make decisions on sheet metal fabrication such as materials, processing methods, finishes and more based on all available information.
We have experienced engineers who can design and also provide solid word profile for custom sheet metal. We are always searching for new solution to become more efficient, lower cost and deliver exceptional sheet metal products for our customer.
We have full set sheet metal machines including CNC laser machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machines, welding equipment,shearing machine etc.
We also have our own powder coating equipment and any sheet metal colors can be customized.
Factory Ability
Metal Shearing machine ServiceLaser Cutting MachineBending Machine
Welding ServiceStamping PartPowder Coating Service
CertificatesChina Machine Coolant Tank

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