OSRS player here, building is insanely OP for people who have regen pool and house tiles.

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Where you'd need to provide a Base quantity of materials and a foundation, as well as materials because of their functionalities to work level to create the structure those NPC's would work in RS gold anyways. Along with the option to organize them in a way that suits the players enjoying, where combat support function NPCs could be closer to the home tele location for access. And npc's may be. Obvi I'm literally just spewing thoughts with little without thinking ahead, so it could all be unbelievably flawed but I believe it could be a beginning of something to think about.

OSRS player here, building is insanely OP for people who have regen pool and house tiles. What makes it useless for RS3? Quit runescoe from 2006 to come back to old-school by the way so I understand nothing regarding RS3 in its existing condition. RS3 and OSRS we have been given a lot of the same QOL buffs whereas RS3 they were only inserted, but in OSRS they were incorporated into construction. In RS3 we cure at banks and have multiple 1 click teles. We can rest anywhere for run energy, not that we ever really run out. We've got lodestones for teles that are fast around the map, akin to portal sites. Wardrobe storage could be accessed from our banks.

PVM hub is easily available to all players, and has Prayer/summoning reestablish crystal as well as crystals. Book swap is a skill Cape perk and could be performed from any lender. I am a maxed iron and I can honestly say the only thing I ever use my home for is creating teletabs to chip them for clues, fixing my degradable equipment for sightly cheaper and keeping old pets that's do not have cosmetic over rides. Everything else there is a better option available outside the skill.

RS3 events really are a joke. They're the exact same format repeatedly and revolve around a single thing: XP (and crap makeup, and seeking to encourage people to buy MTXs to maximise what the xp they get from this event) the whole point of seasonal events is only to bypass really playing Runescape and grinding and only getting xp from clicking on something. RS3's whole boils down to only xp. Ever RS3 player's aim is just to get as much xp, as most 99s or 200m xp's as you can. It's about as two-dimensional as a match could be, there's nothing interesting or entertaining about it. OSRS actually adds content chosen by gamers.

I remember when the Arc came out on RS3, I was super excited about it before I found it was just a graphically impressive new area with more items to click for xp. And uncharted isles was a disappointment. Nevermind I saw you mentioned you were joking. But what I said is true, and I am sure you agree tbh. I hope you are joking Beach makeup are as awful as Valentine's Day cosmetics.

I felt like ranting about it although I'm pretty sure you're joking. I am not, I hope that your joing by writing a paragraph rant. So what if its a mideavle match? Its'medieval dream', the ship for OSRS Gold For Sale 100 left years back. I like to have fun in this game, apparently unlike you.

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