China Normal Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

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Our Factory
San(Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is the professional manufacturer for paper corner machinery and paper honeycomb machinery. Through our sustained efforts SAN brand machinery has won good fame in over 60 countries of international market. We are willing to provide you high quality machines and professional services wholeheartedly.
Making paper corner machine and paper honeycomb machine work more automatic, more stable and more intelligent is our ever lasting mission.
Our History
San(Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 initially for making paper corner machine. In the same year we set up foreign trade department to promote SAN brand machines to abroad. The next year we started making honeycomb paper machine in sight of new trend of environmental materials to replace wood and plastics. Now we have individual San(Qingdao) International Trade Co., Ltd. company to specialize in foreign markets with over 40 staff.
Our Product
We are offering paper corner production line, honeycomb paper and board production line and honeycomb wall panel production line.
Product Application
Paper corners are more and more popular in the packing industry. We developed U profile, round profile and flat board following L profile corners. Paper corners are the right solution to prevent your products from damage during storage and transportation. Paper corners can apply to packing of household appliances, white wine, drinks, seafood industry, textile, bulk carpet, glass, plywood and so on.
Paper honeycomb is a light weight but strong and fully recyclable paper board. It has good flatness and provides thermal insulation and protection in different environmental conditions. Because of its characters it is widely used in packing field for many years and being consumed across the world.
Our Certificate
CE Certification and SGS Certification
Production Market
Our machines have been sold several hundred sets to China market and over 100 sets to international market such as Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Croatia, USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, Colombia, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, India, Egypt, etc.
Our Service
1. One year guarantee for whole machine, all life follow-up service.
2. 24 hours technical support by email.
3. Technicians oversea set-up and workers training.
4. Use- friendly English for operation system.China Normal Speed Paper Edge Board Machine

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