China Push Button Switch With LCD Display suppliers

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Shenzhen Lakeview Electronics Co., Ltd inherits from 1960s in Sanmenxia Instrument Components Factory, responsible for the research and development of traditional buttons. Over the years, it has witnessed the superior development of the market with continuous cumulative innovation. With the continuous change and deversification of the market, Shenzhen Lakeview Electronics Co., Ltd was founded, and succcessfully developed TL1, TL2 series and other LED micro button switches.
With the development of market trends, we are following our principles of providing higher quality products and constantly researching and creating better products. We aligned ourselves with famous peer companies,and launched many excellent illuminated button switches such as PLA, PLB, PLC, PLD, PLE, TL3, TL12,and so on, successfully transferred to a professional switch manufacturer. We constantly enhance our technological and engineering levels, and build up dust-free plants to provide higher quality and competitive products for our clients.
Under series circumstances of constantly rising rent and costs, we decided to relocate our factory to Shenzhen. We had a clear purpose, we need to constantly raise the technological levels and build up dust-free factories to manufacturer highly competitive products with high quality to gain trusts and stable business relations with our customers.
Our Factory:
Our dust-free factory is located in Guangming district of Shenzhen.
We have very strict rules on the production line to guarantee the stable and high quality of our products. Also, we have ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.
Our Product:
We mainly manufacture LED push button switches, LED tact switches, and LCD/OLED button switches. Compared with our competitors, we can offer better prices, shorter lead time, and high quality is guaranteed. We can provide a wide range of variety of switches, customization service is available and welcomed.
We have ISO14001 and ISO9001 certificates, the product quality is highly guaranteed. Besides, we have RoHS certificates and over 30 patents for our button switches. Also, we have made molds specially for the parts of our switches, which guarantees the uniqueness of our switches and our ability to customization service.
Product Application:
Our switches are mainly applied in many kinds of controlling equipment such as audio, video, media, and broadcast consoles.
Our Certificate:
We have attained ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates, RoHS certificate for most of our switches, and over 30 patents. Besides, we are the owner of Chinese high-tech enterprises certificates.
Production Market:
Most of our customer are from high-end area of markets, Europe, North America, China, Japan. Till now we have entered into close business relationships with many famous brands such as RGB link, NOVASTAR, MAGNIMAGE, AEQ, Lightware Visual Engineering LLC, Wheatstone Corporation.
Our service:
Laser Etching Service,
24 Months Warranty
Free Sample
Customization Service
Engineering SupportChina Push Button Switch With LCD Display suppliers

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